Drinking water goes to waste due to leakages

CHITRAL: Water has been supplied to different localities in the Chitral town and adjacent areas mainly from the Golen valley but most of the water goes to waste due to leakages in the substandard pipes used in the supply network and poor workmanship.

As a result, the residents face an acute shortage of the basic commodity.

But despite repeated protests by the local people, no action has been taken either to plug the leakages or punish officials of the public health engineering department.

The officials allegedly purchased and used the poor quality pipes in the public welfare projects to pocket the funds.–GH Farooqui

2 Replies to “Drinking water goes to waste due to leakages”

  1. What I can see from images it is poor workmanship that is causing water leakage. They just need to use a gasket and leakage will stop between joints. Alam

  2. میری بات ٹھیکدار سے ہوئی ہے بقول ان کے یہ تصاویر گولیں واٹر پروجیکٹ کے ہیں ہی نہیں ،، غلط بیانی اور جوٹھ پر مبنی رپورٹ پر وہ اپ اور اخبر کے آڈیٹر کو آج یا کل عدالت میں طالب کروہیں گے ،،، مجھ سے کم از کم اس نے یہی کہا ہے ،، تھوڑی دیر پہلے میری ان سے بات ہوئی ہے .. حاجی نمزائی باندہ جھوٹ تو نہیں بولا ہوگا مجھ سے

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