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How to prevent rising suicide cases?

By Israr Mehmood Zond
This paperwork is based on the increasing number of suicide cases in Chitral and how to prevent them. Suicide is a difficult topic but it’s too important to ignore. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people aged between 15 and 24. Despite a common belief that only teens and adults die by suicide, younger children can also be at risk.
Depression and suicide often coincide. Yet not everyone who is depressed attempts suicide — and not everyone who attempts suicide is depressed. If you’re a parent, teacher or anyone who spends time with children and teens, try to be friendly with them so that they feel free to share some hidden feelings in their hearts with you.
As far as the suicide cases in Chitral are concerned I believe that 90pc of them happened due to “family pressure on teens.” Over 90pc teens attempt suicide due to poor grades in examination and the rest after falling in love at the teenage and family pressure threaten their inner peace and feelings and they become the victims of depression when things go wrong. Finally, they are left with no option but commit suicide.
Now the thing is how to prevent teens from suicide. Parents can be tempted to shut down an upsetting conversation by saying: “I don’t want to hear those things,” or “I had a hard time as a teen but I got over it.” Instead say: “Tell me more about how you’re feeling.” Then listen. You might want to safeguard a child or teen by keeping them home in a protective cocoon but isolation can increase the risk of suicidal behaviors. Help a struggling child maintain connections with friends and loved ones.
As a parent, spend extra time with your child. Even watching TV or playing video games together sends a signal that you’re there. Express your love for the child or teen. Tell your child that you hear his\her pain, that it can get better, that you will make sure he\she gets help and will support him\ her every step of the way. If a young person denies that they are having suicidal thoughts but you doubt their honesty, trust your intuition. Take further steps to ensure his or her safety. Remove weapons from the house, make sure the child or teen is not left alone and consult a mental health professional right away.
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