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Schoolchildren pay tributes to martyrs

CHITRAL: The Aga Khan Higher Secondary School (AKHSS) Chitral observed the defense day and martyrs on Sept 6.

The event was organized in grand morning assembly, where students of grade-9 and 11 from debate club presented speeches in Urdu and English to highlight the sacrifices of Pakistani forces and the masses in defense of the “land of pure”.
defence day celebrated at AKHSS Chitral.Speeches also highlighted the design of Indian forces, where they had sabotaged all international norms of warfare and attached various borders areas of Pakistan without prior announcement of war.

Student speakers highlighted the background of Indian designs, their disastrous defeat and burying in ground their conviction of having their “breakfast” at Lahore Jimkhana. The speeches encouraged students not only to join Pakistan defense forces to defend they country, but were also given the insight that service and defense of the country can be performed by joining bureaucracy, the field of education, business and all other areas of significance.

Students were given the message to work hard to be able to achieve different position in different fields to serve the nation in the most effective manner.

Theme of the stage show in the program by the students of drama club was dedicated to Pakistan Army and to their sacrifices not only on the borders but also their invaluable martyrdoms against internal miscreants in operations like Zarb e Azab, Radulfasad and Daraghlum, Bia Daraghlum etc.

Two separate musical groups of the school’s music club infused in the students a sense of patriotism by chanting Millinaghma and melodious songs in praise of the land and the Martyrs.
The principal in his speech shed light on the importance of remaining informed about the country’s history and to remain loyal to the ideology of Pakistan.

He also asked the students not to miss any opportunity to build their capacity and improve their academic to be able to serve the country in the best possible manner. –M. Jalaluddin Shamil

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