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Villagers remain cut off after bridge collapse in Mulkhow

CHITRAL: This bridge constructed in Nogram to connect Warijun and Muxgol villages in Mulkhow valley of upper Chitral collapsed on Aug 26, cutting off the villagers from rest of the area.

Schoolchildren have not been able to attend classes since then. But so far no government department has taken notice of the issue. –GH FarooquiNogram villagers remain cut off after bridge collapse in Mulkhow

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  1. Shah Hussain says

    This bridge connencts a village of samagol (not muzhgol) containing about 10 houses to the rest of the world….there is no alternate route or road of this village…they are respectable citizens of Pakistan and are waiting for emergency attention from our MNA, MPA, Govt, and NGOs.

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