Chitral’s Bhutto quits his party to join PTI

DROSH: A diehard PPP activist, Akmal Bhutto, left his party and joined the PTI along with scores of youth and other people of his Doom Shughoor village near Drosh.
In this regard, Bhutto invited Kalash minority MPA Wazir Zada to his house and announced his decision to leave the PPP along with 25 youth and scores of other people.
Speaking on the occasion, Bhutto said he spent decades working for the PPP but was disappointed that PPP Chitral president Saleem Khan remained MPA for 10 years but did not carry out a single development work in his area.
Despite repeated demands, he added, the party failed to work for the betterment of the masses forcing them to quit the party and join the PTI.
For details, click this link. Chitral's Bhutto quits his party to join PTI

2 Replies to “Chitral’s Bhutto quits his party to join PTI”

  1. Pura 10 saal salim khan ke saath raha jab iqtidar khatum hua to pti achi lagi. wah bhutto tumhari kia baat hai.

  2. Akmal Bhutto is a great worker hitherto associated with the wrong party. He will prove an asset for PTI.

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