JI leaders condemn police raid on naib nazim’s house

CHITRAL: Tehsil Chitral naib nazim and local Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) leader Khan Hayatullah Khan on Monday accused the police of raiding his house without any warrant and harrassing his family members, including his sick mother, besides damaging his repute.
JI leaders condemn police raid on naib nazim's house Speaking at a press conference along with other leaders of JI Chitral, including its secretary general Fazle Rabbi and youth wing president Wajihuddin and village nazim Naveed Ahmed Baig, Mr Khan said he had a dispute with one of his neighbours over a piece of land.

On Sunday, when the neighbour sent machinery to the land his (Khan’s) younger brother went there and got the work stopped. But, Mr Khan added, the police registered an FIR against his brothers and two sons and without any warrants conducted the raid to arrest them. He said the piece of land over which the FIR was registered is still under his occupation and use. He said it seemed the district police officer (DPO) had been misguided and incited to take action against his family even though his father spent his whole life working in the police and died in service when he was a DSP.

He called upon the chief minister, the KP police chief and the deputy commissioner of Chitral to take notice of the matter which negated the PTI’s repeated claim of reforming the police. He said such police highhandedness was a test case for Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Speaking on the occasion, the other JI leaders said a committee should be constituted to know why the police crossed limits and raided the house of a peaceful and law-abiding citizen. They said if such an incident was repeated the JI would not tolerate it.

Muhkam Uddin Ayuni/Syed Nazir Hussain Shah

4 Replies to “JI leaders condemn police raid on naib nazim’s house”

  1. پہلے کسی کی جائداد پردن دھاڑہے حملہ کر کے انکے تعمیراتی لکڑی زبردستی اٹھا لے جائیں اور پھر جب پولیس اپنے فرائض کے مطابق کاروائی کرے تو اسکو پولیس گردی کہیں. واہ رے خان صاحب’ اچھی منطق ہے آپکی

  2. the land is in my occupation and the neighbor came with machinery to the land and my brother went there and stopped him from tilling the land. In the meanwhile police reached the spot and raided the house. Man, you made my day. There is limit to falsehood and lying, please speak the truth I sense you are concealing the facts. This pressure tactics should not work.

  3. Jamat islami representatives always use party,s platefarm for their own interest. He should not have brought other representatives with him for his personal interest. Islam never allowed and allows to do that.Jamat islamis,s shoora should take action against him.because he has used jamat,s platefarm for his own interests.contact to siraj ul haq on this regard.he is using this platefarm sgainst law enforcement agency.

  4. The person addressing press conference has cooked up a non existant dispute with his neighbour and actually wanted some bhatta. He has no legal nor moral ground to make the piece of land disputed as it is in the possession of the owner since a century and he has all legal papers to prove his ownership. The gentleman intruded in the owners property some time ago and snatched construction material belonging to the owner upon which an FIR was launched against him and his accomplices. Despite that he would come daily and threaten and physically obstruct the owners’ representatives from carrying out construction work in his own land. When he and his accomplices were told to bring some legal document or stay- order etc from court they would say we don’t recognize court or police we will occupy this land by force. This continued for over ten days police warning them daily to refrain from miscreant activity and they not listening. it was upon the aggrieved party’s regrets and complaining to police of their inaction against highhandedness of an individual backed by a political party that police was obliged to take action. KP police has rightly rid itself from political interference and stands morally on high ground just what PTI chairman wants them to be. Office bearers of a political party attending a personal press conference means the said party is not fair and wants to back it’s members in unethical activities, which is against Islamic principles and the people detest their this policy.

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