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First Kalash MPA vows to fight for rights of minorities

By Zulfiqar Ali

PESHAWAR: A Kalash man from Chitral formally became the first member of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly from his fast shrinking religious minority, which claims to be the descendants of Greek invader Alexander the Great.

Wazirzada represents Kalash, the country’s smallest ethno-religious community that lives in the remote mountains of Hindu Kush range. He is now representing different religious minorities of the province in the assembly.

The Kalash people, according to legend, are of the remnants of the Alexander the Great, whose army invaded Hindu Kush region around 2,000 years ago, while another theory describes them indigenous people.

Hailing from Rumbur valley, one of the three valleys, where Kalash community resides, Wazirzada was the second choice of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on the priority list submitted to the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Ravi Kumar was the party’s first choice on the list, who also became MPA on reserved seats. Lady luck smiled on Wazirzada after the stunning victory of the PTI in the July 25 general election. He joined the PTI in 2009 but continued with his social work.

“The organisation paid me Rs7,000 salary a month when it got funds from donors for community projects,” said Wazirzada, who has seven brothers and four sisters.

The man from Kalash community did his graduation from the University of Peshawar in 2006. He looked distinct during the oath-taking ceremony in the jam-packed hall of the assembly due to his attire. He fixed green and red feathers in his Chitrali Pakol, which feature the party’s colours.



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  1. Gul jee says

    Indeed it’s a happy occasion for all a Chitrali living far from the mother land is offering my deepest mubarakey and felicitation to Mr Wazir Zada and families. And we will expect that you will pay your positive role as a representative of all groups.

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