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THQ MS seeks protection against rivals

BOONI: Dr Shahzada Faizul Mulk Jillani, the medical superintendent (MS) of the Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Booni, has asked the district administration and the police to provide him protection against his rivals.

In a statement sent to ChitralToday, Dr Jillani said for quite some time his rivals in his home village located in the jurisdiction of Mulkhow police had not only been harassing him but also trying to harm him physically besides trying to interfere in his personal life.

He said he had brought the matter in the notice of the Mulkhow police but instead of taking action under the law and providing protection to him the police were patronizing his rivals.

As a result of the police inaction, he added, his rivals recently tried to personally harm him through hired thugs brought to the area from outside.

“Through this statement, I would like to bring it in the notice of the deputy commissioner (DC) Chitral and the district police officer (DPO) that if any untoward incident happened to me the station house officer (SHO) of Mulkhow and other police officials concerned would be responsible,” Dr Jillani added.

He also called upon the DPO to take urgent notice of the matter and ask the SHO and the DSP Mulkhow about the reasons for not entertaining his request for action against his rivals. “If it’s is not possible, I should be allowed to keep arms for my protection,” he added.

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