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Vote is a responsibility

We live in a time where the entire country is extremely politicized. Whether we’re in our villages, homes, on the street, at work, on Facebook or on twitter, we are constantly discussing politics. This is irrespective of age, occupation or financial status. Although opinions differ significantly, I think we can safely conclude that everyone wants the country to progress and prosper in peace.

However, in my opinion it should also be to vote. I consider voting a duty, as opposed to a right. It is our way of showing what we believe in, and who we trust to accomplish it. We can talk forever about what we want Pakistan to be like, and who we want Pakistan to be represented by, but what is the point if we are going to sit at home when the day comes to turn our words into actions?

It’s time to stop saying that no one will vote, and get out and vote ourselves. Find a political party that most closely matches our views and opinions, learn about their plans and manifestos, research their candidates and most importantly register and cast a vote. If there is any reason to choose not to vote, we should turn that into a reason to vote, take responsibility and be a part of the change that will fix the problem we have..

We don’t take these words seriously enough. Everything starts at a personal level. Every great revolution, discovery or invention comes from an idea. When something goes viral on Facebook it has to start somewhere. An ocean is basically just a collection of small drops of water. Do what you can for Pakistan personally, others will follow. Realise your power and the value of voting. #vote for #Pakistan.


Syed Sadiq.

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