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Wealthy people have hijacked PPP, says worker after joining PTI

CHITRAL: Former union council nazim of Yarkhun, Mir Wazir Khan, on Saturday left the PPP and joined the PTI.
He made the announcement in the presence of PTI candidates for NA-1 Abdul Latif and PK-1 Israr Uddin here.
Mr Wazir, who was the vice president of PPP Chitral, said he decided to quit the party after its leadership preferred rich people over old party workers in the allocation of tickets for the election. He said the PPP was now not the ideological party of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto rather it had become a group of wealthy people who had no political ideology or agenda to serve the masses.
Their joining of the PPP is creating schism and division not only in the party but also in society, he added.
He said as the PPP had been taken over by rich people and old and sincere workers were being pushed to the wall, he thought it better to end his 35-year-old association with the party and join the PTI.
It may be noted that Mr Wazir had openly opposed the allocation of ticket to Ghulam Muhammad for the PK-1 seat after he joined the party leaving the JUI-F. He said other workers of the PPP were also fed with the policies of the party high command.–Muhkam Uddin Ayuni
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  1. aziz nawaz says

    I have only one question from Mr. Wazir what he thinks about the party he has joined.
    Has that party gave preference to ideological and old party workers?

  2. Amjad Ali says

    Very well decision by Mohammad Wazir. It is the need of the time and we hope that other well wisher of Pakistan will also join PTI. Mr. Abdul Latif has no count for us but we are voting for IK who has been struggling to change Pakistan since a long time. This time it will be clear for us that from Chitral who are the well wishers of Pakistan and who are profiteers. We have been voting in the name of cast and selfishness since a long time, now it i time to look for Pakistan and to save Pakistan from thieves.

  3. CHANGE@PTI says

    We expect the same decision from the Teacher of the teachers respected Aseer Sir, and hope that he will use his good name and stature in knitting the dots of change to bring positive change in the contemporary political arena of Chitral.

  4. sher wali khan aseer says

    Decision of Mr. Muhammad Wazir to quit PPP is quite genuine. PPP has no future because of its poor performance and corruption in its past three tenures. It is no more the Party of ZA Bhuttu. It has been hijacked by Zardari and Co, one of the top most corrupt group politicianss of our unlucky country. Moreover, the nominated chair person of the party is an immature youngster with zero experience of the politics.

  5. Abraham says

    It won’t make any difference even he joins Donald Trump. The problem with this gentleman is that he thinks as if he is Shahzada Mohiuddin of Yarkhun which is only his wishful thinking. He became a UC nazim by chance. He could have strengthened himself by working hard but he lost the golden opportunity. Now he changed the loyalty of PPP as he knows the PTI is gonna make a govt in KP and may be in the centre as well.The reason he befriended with Abdul Latif with a wish to pose for a pic with some provincial ministers and to sit in the back bench atop governor cottage if PTI Chairman comes to Chitral to spend a day at Hindukysh Heights. This is the only reason he quit PPP. If this gentleman could have been so popular in the area he could have been introduced by Shahzada Mohiuddin like he brought Ghulam Muhammad and Salim Khan long ago to the limelight. So my advice to the gentleman from Oveer is that not to waste his PTI mufler and cap after such people who have no political standing rather concentrate on electioneering as this is your last chance. It is a do or die situation for you or else you will no longer be heading the PTI. By the way I do not see a bright future of PTI candidate for NA-1. Given the situation, my advice to estranged PTI leaders like Charno chief, Sikandarul Mulk to prepare a strategy if you are serious to kick out Latif and Co ie defeat him in this polls and he will be out automatically. If you people lost the golden opportunity, then make sure no one oust Abdul Lateef fro the party and he will emerge with more power. So get ready and get him defeated and the then no one can stop you people from taking over the PTI in Chitral.

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