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Society over dreams

By Mir Seema Aman

Do you ever feel there is a greater being inside of you just bursting to get out?? You can feel its presence sometimes, can’t you? It’s the voice that encourages you to really make something of your life.. When you act congruently with that voice, it’s like you’re whole new person. You’re bold and courageous! You’re strong and unstoppable!! But then reality sets in. The reality that we live in a society where people eat people, yeah! These people don’t eat other people physically but they vanishes them mentally and emotionally. Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be? No??Maybe because you were so busy adjusting yourself the way all are so that you might stand in between.

Let me share a quote

       “Life and death are two very strange things.

        They say you can’t be dead if you’re living

       but my experiences contradict that, you

      don’t need to be physically harmed to be

     dead, all you need is a broken soul.”

The question is How we are always trying to see ourselves through the eyes of everybody else? How we are always looking for that hint of satisfaction, that nod of approval from the society? I find this fact utterly disappointing and daunting that how people will use words to thumb you down?? How they will try to make you feel you’re not good enough? How they broke your interests,your heart and your soul too?? Hmmm I think that the most important opinion about you is your own.

Don’t pay heed to what people say about you. Don’t be defined by someone, define yourself and find out who you really are. If people think that you’re not good enough or you’re wrong and you would never be able to achieve your dream and ambitions and your efforts will yield no results then just go against them and wait until they believe in you by force when they see your success but for that, you have to recognize your inner talents. Don’t think you’re not capable of making your dreams a reality. Society may have robbed you of an understanding of who you really are. It has set boundaries for you and has handed a script to go through life like an actor. But remember, you’re here to make your own future. Don’t let anyone else come between you and your dreams. You don’t need anyone else to guide you except ALLAH. Allah believes in you, so you have to believe in ALLAH and yourself too.

Indeed the greatest achievements are those that make you proud.

Achievements are not for the world’s view, praise or applause; instead they are for your own honor, dignity and self-respect.

As Hazrat Ali said:

    “Every breath you take is a step towards death.”

So, you have really a short time to fulfill your dreams. Therefore, roll your sleeves, fold your pant and get ready to make your dreams a reality!!!

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