Bridge reopened after repair work by local people

Bridge reopened after repair work by local peopleThe bridge to Wasich in Torkhow valley has been reopened after repair and reconstruction work done by local people.

This bridge connecting a number of villages with other parts of Torkhow was broken due to lack of maintenance. As a result, these far-off villages were cut off and the residents were suffering a lot.

The area people led by village council chairman Ali Shan and comprising former councillor Ali Murad, Abdul Hamid and Sultan Ali took keen interest in the public welfare initiative and worked day and night and got the bridge repaired after which the bridge was reopened for traffic.

Such community initiative and collaboration is the need of the hour so that different issues can be resolved without looking to others. This volunteerism will also lessen dependence on the government which cannot come to the rescue of communities due to resource constraints and other issues.

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