Driver sacked by DC Chitral wants his job back

CHITRAL: A driver who worked in the deputy commissioner office Chitral has appealed to the authorities concerned to help him get his job back after the DC sacked him without any fault.

Speaking at a press conference here on Monday, Kashif Uddin said he was appointed as a driver in the DC office in 2015 and since then he had been performing his duty with dedication, honesty and sincerity. He said in Nov last year DC Irshad Sodhar sent him to work at his home in Hyderabad Sindh, where two vehicles owned by the DC office Chitral – a Vigo registration No A-1200 and a corolla registration No A-1169 – are still being used by the family members of the DC Chitral.

Mr Kashif said while working at the home of Mr Sodhar, there was no arrangement for his accommodation and he used to sleep inside an academy located in front of Mr Sodhar’s house. Despite facing difficulties related to accommodation he performed his duties with dedication and honesty at the house of the DC in Hyderabad, he added.

He said on April 8, 2018, while driving the wife of the DC Chitral and his other family members from Hyderabad to the Karachi airport, the DC’s wife insisted on driving and forcibly took over the driving seat.

While I was sitting in the rear seat and the DC’s wife was behind the wheel, the official vehicle rammed into another car on way to Karachi and got damaged for which the DC held me responsible: Kashif Uddin

The driver said in the past whenever he sought TA/DA for working in his house in Hyderabad the DC threatened to sack him. And after the traffic accident, he added, the DC showed him the door.

He appealed to the chief secretary KP and the commissioner Malakand Division to take notice of the matter and provide him justice by restoring him on the job. –Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

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  1. @Imran: Let me repeat what the DC is doing is misuse of authority and corruption. How come an officer treat a government as a chowkidar at his some 2000 miles away in Hyderabad? He is a public servant even if he is an IG, chief secretary, or a federal secretary. The days are gone when CSPs used ruled the roost. Now, they will be made accountable for every penny.
    And let me reiterate that every baboo cannot become Ayesha Siddqa, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Raza Rumi or Qudratullah Shahab. Forget about these people as there are some CSPs within Chitral, who quit the civil service and we all know how successful they are in other professions.
    So dear, there are numerous baboos, for whom civil service is like a kingdom, and they will have a cardiac arrest if they were forced to resign. To substantiate my claim, let me remind Muhammad Ali Nekukara’s termination case by flamboyant former interior minister Ch Nisar ALi Khan. And I know how he managed to restore himself despite having an influential background. He had the options, as he is brilliant man and studied from foreign universities.
    To be frank, I hate two professions on planet earth: medicine and civil service. For becoming a doctor you have to work very hard, and be bookworm, or else mere MBBS is not gonna take you anywhere. I hate the civil service, as where there is no money and the only option with you is: CORRUPTION. Without corruption you will not be able to meet your daily expenses. And thank God I did not go for CSS even though I could have qualified it with flying colours.
    And now you must be curious about the guy out there and what he is doing. I am into a profession where I do not have to call baboos, politicians, khakis, etc. “sir”. But I tell you orgs such as IMF, World Bank, ADB, UN, etc. choose only the best of the best.

  2. This incident alone shows us a mirror as to how we see the world and how we all want it to be the way we like it to be. The DC sacked one of his employees-that is his prerogative (its the way the bureaucratic system works in Pakistan). If that is the case why are we fighting with each other on a public forum? It would have been better if the person who has been terminated; would have approached the court of law instead of making it political. Secondly, I wonder why this is such a shocking news for us all that a senior bureaucrat keeps official cars or servants or other employees at home? Keeping aside the big question of morality; Is this something rare in Pakistan? Look around yourselves, once upon a time almost half of the police force was deputed to build a house for a former DPO in his native village.
    Having said that I would also like to strongly condemn the distasteful comments made by Mr. Ahmad. We don’t care whether you know the DC well or not but surely we know now that you don’t know the people of Chitral at all. You should better spend some time among the people of Chitral and then pass remarks like those upon them. If you are one of our own; I feel very sorry for you. You could have shown your hatred for Chitralies in a civilized way but you chose the wrong path. Please reveal your identity and we will give you sufficient material to keep your mouth shut for years.

  3. You people are believing on statement of an addicted driver who is removed from his services and now he is trying to impose fake and baseless allegations on an honest officer…………..
    The driver performance was pooor and he is removed in his probabtion period……..
    Let me introduce you with another aspect of this story………. DC Irshad sb has taken strict action against #timbermafia in chitral…. and now these mafia supporting the removed driver to defame the DCsb.

  4. I am amazed on the reaction of general public regarding some perks and privileges extended to the DC Chitral by the Government of KP. If head of any private company, NGO or other can have these privileges, why can’t a DC being head of several departments and overseeing affairs of a whole district. And if we don’t offer these privileges, no one will opt for civil services of Pakistan.I am witness to many officers of Pakistan Administrative Service (to which DC sb belongs) who have left govt service and have joined International Organizations like UN, WB, IMF etc for many times more salary and perks. We need to appreciate the worthy DC who could have opted for dozens of other postings in KP but he preferred Chitral and believe me civil servants posted in Chitral try to get out of there as it is considered as “hard posting” in the fraternity. It is less than a year and DC sb may be shuffled prior to election, such is the job of a civil servant. So these facilities are not for lifetime and come with heavy costs which can only be understood once you step in his shoes. So, instead of raising hue and cry based on one sided media story, we should patiently get both side of the picture to get to the truth and i am sure it ll be quite different from what is being portrayed.

    1. @Imran: It is not easy to join IMF, WB and UN, etc. There is no need to be overconfident that every baboo is qualified enough to join multi national organizations. We have seen so many baboos who cannot even write a proper sentence in English. There are baboos whether in PSP, DMG, Foreign Service etc, who cannot even properly communicate working in WB, UN, IMF etc. Doing CSS, to be frank, is a recipe to corruption. To misuse taxpayers’ money, official vehicles like DC Chitral is doing. The people are justified in grilling the DC: how dare he send official vehicle for use at his home. The driver in question is the servant of govt of Pakistan and not personal employee of the deputy commissioner. If there is any truth in the claim of the driver, the DC must be made accountable.

      I thought you are a young officer and you must be an upright officer. But don’t try to become a stooge. Still you have time to correct yourself and stop following corrupt baboos or else you have no future.

    2. You are wisely using words here. “Facilities” instead of “misuse/corruption”. A facility is something that he is authorised to use from the Government. Moving two vehicles from Chitral to Hyderabad to be “abused” by relatives is not perks and privileges. It’s sheer corruption.. that’s it. Chitral might be a hard posting but “lucrative” too.

      1. Get a life and at least be confident enough to come up with your real name. If there is any solid argument forward it rather than name calling and using abusive words like “stooge” etc. Some of the “Baboos” of civil service e.g. Shoaib Sultan i am sure you being in his field was basically a civil servant. Similary, Qudrat ullah shahab, Raza Ahmad Rumi, Dr Amjad Saqib, Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa and i can count numerous others who after serving in government have earned respect in private, literary and development sector. Fuming over privileges extended to a DCO or anyone else in civil service is going to take you no where. It is Allah (swt) who honors whom he will, and humiliate those whom he will. So brother try to excel in your field rather than wasting your energy on wrong comparisons with other. I am cent percent sure you have tried your best in your youth days to be among the groups of services you have mentioned above with contempt 🙂 Regards.

    3. If the privilege of keeping two vehicles of DC office at his home in Hyderabad is officially extended by the govt then it is no issue, but if not so then the question arises.

  5. Accountability should start from the top as a very good example has been set by the Supreme Court of Pakistan by sending Nawaz Sharif home. If a man has killed his wife or a wife has killed her husband or an elected member has committed corruption – all these do not justify that the DC should also misuse his position and power – two wrongs do not make one right. As the head of the district administration and highly educated leader, the DC is expected to be a role model as was his predecessor, Shaheed Osama. The issue here is NOT the termination of the driver – the DC has the authority to terminate as many drivers and staff members as he finds them guilty but I wonder why the DC office vehicles are in Hyderabad???

  6. These vehicles were returned by CIADP which was closed but these vehicles were not taken by provincial government and according to this driver it misusing by DC and other officers for their family services at their homes but the question is that PTA always claim of transparancy but they never asked and nor conducted inquiry of these vehicles and staff besides it so many staff of Education, C&W, Health etc also not performing their duties and they drawing their salary at their homes without performing duties. I had raised this issue in media but some corrupt minded people used abuse words for me despite that this is public issue not my personal one

  7. The fault of the driver is secondary. The primary question is what are two vehicles of DC Chitral’s office doing at private home in Hyderabad?

  8. Hold your horses, Chitralis, slow down a bit and keep the pace slow. No one knows the DC better than me. You must stop jumping in the air before making any sweeping comment withour knowing the reasins behind the termination of the driver. To be frank how many of you raised objection when your elected MPAs filled their coffers? How many of you agitated when your elected representatives kept befooling you despite getting votes from you? How many of you raised voice against tumber mafia who are your elected representatives? How many of you made a hue and cry when a girl was gang raped? How many of you expressed concern when a man murdered his wife in Sonoghur? How many of you beat your chest when a woman murdered her husband in connivance with a police constable? Above all how many of staged protest when a former DC shut down Langlands Public school? How many of you filed a petition against the same former DC when he dolled out jobs by getting money? And there was also a DC who even did something worse which I cannot describe here during his about four years posting during ANP regime? I can say a lot more as I have proof to give you a shut up call. Well done DC, terminate all these parasites one by one.

    1. Why are you so sympathetic with the DC and try to divert the issue? A man killed his wife, a woman killed his husband, a father slapped his son, bla bla bla. It is nonsense. We are also not debating the sacking of the driver but you tell me why two costly vehicles belonging to the govt along with a driver paid salary on taxpayers money are under the use of a grade 18 govt employee in Sindh province?? Why. If a govt employee supposed to serve the public use govt resources so lavishly and without being answerable to anyone, the public is justified to raise voice to stop such malpractices.

      Nadir Khan.

    2. I can’t say the points you mentioned are baseless but the current issue being discussed is presence of two official vehicles of Chitral in Hyderabad !!! Why couldn’t he just buy a car for his family to use in Hyderabad?

    3. Clear cut case of Whataboutism.. the question this guy is asking is if no one stood against injustices during British rule why are you objecting to a mornomic action of the DC…

  9. District Nazim is sleeping and this district government was after ex DC Shaheed Warraich.And this DC gave money to their madrassas and they are quite. Man is using government property out of his jurisdiction. Shame on representatives.

  10. Wives of officers or employee of the Government who willfully use or authorize the use of any Government-owned motorvehicles should be suspended from duty by the commissioner. They should not blame the poor driver who is earning to shoulder his house hold economy.

  11. Humiliating and shameful. It is the punishment for the loyalty of Chitrali people for the country and accepting such people as our chiefs. This matter should be properly tried in the court. We as chitralis should do our best for the affectee. I urge my lawyer brothers to help bring the matter to the court.

  12. Ridiculous, unbelievable and shameful story. A question mark on people appointed at such an important seat without any check on his actions. Giving more powers to area Nazims like that of the policy of Musharraf will automatically be able to keep a check and balance on such activities. Those appointed on such posts without proper experience start assuming themselves to be the King of such a vast district. Their powers should be harnessed.

  13. I have learnt that this driver was sacked for accidents and during inquiry he confessed that he got official vehicles damaged in accidents by speeding bcoz of drug use.

  14. It is ridiculous as well as a big question mark on the loud claims of the previous PTI government who had been always claiming institutional reforms and end of VIP culture. Now it is time that not only the DC should ousted from Chital and NAB should investigate breach of law by the DC.

  15. Wow what a system, still survive. It’s our public representatives responsibility to stop of misusing Tex prayer,s money. Chief justice should take notice

  16. Brilliant. So the deputy commissioner of Chitral who is just enjoying his time in Chitral playing polo is using a driver & two official government vehicles of DC office at his home in Hyderabad for the pleasure of his family. Such sheer abuse of power and disregard to the peaceful people of chitral is unprecedented. But, rest assured, the people of our beloved District have long been accustomed to Ghulami and no one will try to take the DC to task here..

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