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DHQ Chitral burning waste in the open

CHITRAL: District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital continues disposing of waste in an unscientifically creating environmental issues in the area.
DHQ Chitral burning waste in the openThe hospital has the necessary equipment to dispose of the waste but its staff is still burning garbage in the open on the premises of the hospital.

During the process, the whole premises is engulfed in smoke, creating problems for not only the patients and their attendants but also for the staff and local residents.

A few months ago, three staff members of the hospital had been suspended after a video clip showing them dumping waste from a hospital vehicle into the Chitral river went viral on social media.

However, the hospital administration is yet to take measures to collect and discard waste of the hospital in a scientific manner. Social circles of the district have called upon the health department authorities to take notice of the issue.–Nazir Hussain Shah

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