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An open letter to ex-MPA from upper Chitral

Dear Sir,
I am writing this letter to you to remind the people about a former MPA’s (thank God, we got rid of him) fiery speeches in and around the dusty Bazar of Booni ahead of 2013 general elections. He used to claim that as if he was the only leader who needed to be voted.

He claimed of being a destitute. He claimed of having nothing in his pocket. And the only thing based on which he bagged votes was his oratory skills or his committment to serve masses.

Now, after completing his five years, he is gone. Thank God, he’s gone. Can he tell the people about the fortune he made after becoming MPA? We are keen to know whether he is the same destitute or his zero bank balance ballooned like his fellow Saleem Khan with the completion of his term?

Call it his good luck or bad luck of his constituency people, he never played his due role as member of the provincial assembly during his five years stint. He achieved nothing. His only achievement is that he managed to bring in a turncoat in his party whom he used to call “filthy rich, head of contractor mafia, etc”.
But, now he has joined hands with that very “head of contractor mafia” and most probably he will be the PPP candidate for lone PA seat from Chitral. I just want to ask the former MPA Syed Sardar Hussain Shah to apprise us about the abrupt change of mind. What are the techniques which Shsh Ji is gonna apply to dryclean Haji Ghulam Muhammad whom he had been calling “voter buyer with money”.

If there is a slight decency left in you, Shah Ji you must call it a day. And apologise from the people of your constituency for your failure to come up to their expectations. You, not only failed miserably but you also failed the people of your constituency.

Mr Editor, allow me to borrow some lines from the masterpiece of Cyril Almeida: What the hell is this? How many more filthy rich or dubious characters are in the wings to be the MPA? And for sure, they will not hesitate to do anything in order to pave their way to dark power corridors. Seriously, what the hell is this? For how long the Chitralis will keep selling their conscience for the sake of these crooks? Stop it, please!

Khalid Ahmed Khan

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  1. Hameed Khan says

    What a great write and a reminder to the people of Chitral. These people are playing with the future of the Chitralis. We will see how he and his new appointee will face the public in their political campaign in the upcoming elections. What a shame and on what moral grounds will Mr. Shah campaign for GM.

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