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UoC should extend admission date for private candidates

The Editor,
Through the columns of your esteemed paper, I want to draw the attention of project director of Chitral Univeristy towards the M.A private examination admission schedule. Although an advertisement had been placed in some online newspapers by the university about the schedule but the prospective candidates hailing from backward areas of the district were not properly aware of it and they have missed the crucial last date.
In the remote villages, there is no radio, no internet and no newspapers available on daily basis. The poor students will now will have either to wait for another year or they will have to bear Rs.3000 as double fee.
It is requested to the project director Professor Dr. Badshah Munir Bukhari to extend the last date with single last fee of Rs.500 for another fifteen days so that maximum number of candidates could  be able to appear for M.A examination and earn their Master degree from their own Chitral University which has been their long cherished dream come true now.

Shah Alam Khan,
Village Sonoghur, Tehsil Mastuj,

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  1. shehla hakim says

    we request the Governor of KP to take up the matter on urgent and compassionate grounds as it is the real problem of hundreds of students.

  2. Zar Murad says

    Mr. Alam has rightly pointed out a genuine problem related with youth. It is hoped that the visionary and able boss in the person of Badshah Munir Bukhari will address this issue by extending the last date with normal late fee of only Rs. 100 by another ten days at least.

  3. shehla hakim says

    I fully endorse and support the stand and demand of Mr. Shah Alam. The date’s extension with mild late fee of upto Rs. 500 will help many prospective students to appear in the examination. I personally knew a number of persons who have missed the last date as they were residing in the village. Ramazanul Mubarak is also one of the factors when the people confine themselves to their homes.

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