PM expected to visit Chitral on 12th

CHITRAL: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is scheduled to visit Chitral on Saturday.

According to sources, he will land at the Chitral airport in the morning and address a gathering of local notables and workers of the ruling PML-N.

During the visit, the prime minister will also inaugurate work on the Chitral-Garam Chashma road and installation of a gas plant. Later, he will go to Ayun in a helicopter and visit his friend and college fellow Shahzada Maqsudul Mulk at the Ayun Fort where he will also inaugurate work on the Kalash valley road besides meeting a delegation of local notables.

It may be noted that it will be the second time Mr Abbasi will be visiting Chitral after taking over as the prime minister last year.—Muhkam Uddin Ayuni

3 Replies to “PM expected to visit Chitral on 12th”

  1. It’s obvious now that the honorable Iftikhar Uddin sahib is off to a flyer for two third majority in the upcoming GE in Chitral. Extremely lucky to have such an amazing leader. Thanks for being there for Chitral all the time.

  2. nice dear…this inauguration of gas plant is to make fool of the public as the govt have weeks to go home..innocent chitralis are deceived as the election commission has already imposed ban on job and developmental project in the wake of the possible corruption in the last days of the outgoing govt…

  3. The visit of the prime minister is not important rather it is the defection of Iftikharuddin to PML-N after enjoying as member national Assembly for five years by getting votes in the name of Gen Musharraf. In the presence of LNG Abbasi he will formally announce his joining the party of the Sharifs of Raiwind, which is set to be wiped out in next elections. The wishful thinking of the MNA to get votes is something NEXT to IMPOSSIBLE. And the reason behind all this is because he betrayed a man who is savior of Chitralis in true sense. Woh kehte hein mukafat e amal. No matter what Iftikhar has done during his five years stint as MNA he is set to kiss the dust in upcoming general elections.

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