PPP may consider new face for NA Chitral seat

CHITRAL: The PPP may consider a new face among its workers possibly from upper Chitral as a candidate for the National Assembly (NA-1) Chitral in the forthcoming general elections.

After the delimitation of constituencies based on the 2017 census, Chitral is left with one national and one provincial assembly seats.

Sources in the PPP told ChitralToday that the party had decided at the local level that tickets would be given for the one NA and one KP assembly seats of Chitral to candidates belonging to both the Sunni and Ismaili communities of Chitral. So if the ticket for the NA seat is given to a candidate from the Sunni community, the provincial assembly seat ticket will go to a candidate from the Ismaili community.

The sources said incumbent MPA Salim Khan from lower Chitral was set to be given ticket for the provincial assembly seat. In this case, the ticket for the NA seat would be given to a candidate from the Sunni community.

The sources said Salim Khan had tried his best to persuade the party high command to allocate him the provincial assembly ticket. He was against running for the NA seat in pair with former MPA Ghulam Muhammad, another hopeful for the PPP ticket for the PA seat, fearing that GM and his voters would ditch him and vote for Shahzada Iftikharuddin.

ChitralToday has also learnt that GM was not ready to become a candidate for the NA seat against Shahzada Iftikhar due to his old relations with the family of the incumbent MNA. If the PA seat is given to Salim Khan and GM withdraws from any future election race, the PPP will be left with a limited choice of candidates.

It has been learnt that some circles in the local PPP were in favour of giving the NA ticket to PPP activist Muhammad Pervez Lal from Booni. They were of the view that being a new face and old PPP activist Mr Pervez would not only be acceptable for the workers and supporters of the party but would also pull the votes of his Rizakhel clan.

Mr Pervez has been active in the party affairs and is currently holding the post of information secretary PPP upper Chitral. He has also actively participated in public mobilization drives under the banner of Tehreek Huqooq-e-Awam.
Old PPP workers have always opposed to giving ticket to newcomers. Besides GM who joined the PPP recently, Fazle Rabbi, another newcomer to the PPP, is also considered a potential candidate for a ticket.

However, a PPP leader in Chitral said nothing had been finalized for the distribution of tickets and a final decision would be taken by the party leadership in consultation with the local chapters of the party.

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  1. Wow what a commentator @saleh. Wadi kya lu dos, neze tan herdiyo bharaso. Listen Chitralis…just read what this guy says in his undying love for his bosses. Just imagine. He says there exists nobody in Chitral except the Prince Co. For educated Chitralis it is a message. It is like insulting the whole Chitralis. He thinks nobody knows any Chitrali except the above mentioned chaps. Both of them belong to Prince Co. How tactfully these people are playing their tricks. You can see a prince in every party across Chitral including religious political parties. What does it mean? It means vested interest, opportunism, etc. I can take them on even harsher but then the editor spoils my mood by cutting out some of the points which are of utmost importance to deal with such people who think as if there is no one except these shazdagan. Rather this guy has openly said no one can even communicate with a Peshawari pathan or a Punjabi. Let me tell the gentleman that the people on whom you take pride in can be seen kissing the hands of their masters in the down cities. Which leadership quality you are talking about? An ordinary Chitrali is far better educated than you. He is holding a better position than you. He has better leadership qualities because he is a self-made man. What makes a shehzda different: the chunk of lands forcibly occupied by his forefather. And that’s it. If you have no land, you have nothing – your only distinction is your illegally occupied land. I am sure you got it. And yes let me make it clear the new generation has emerged as petrol bomb for the status quo politicians who have been befooling people in one way or another so keep this in mind that a prince has no future in local politics.

    1. Dear if you have some grudge against shazda Sab it is your problem but I guarantee no one else can be effective other than shazda sab. Shazda Muhy uddin sab opened all schools and roads and other projects but can you educate me what other MNA or mpa did except corruption. What salim khan, Sardar Hussain molana Chitrali, other molana sahiban did. What your latest MPA fouzia did except filling her bank money.
      I hope you know what I want to say don’t think of qaumiat think of progress of Chitral.

  2. In my view Taimur Shahzada and Iftikhar Shahzada are best option for MPA and MNA Chitral if we want progress and fast development. Taimur sab has lots of connections in higher power corridor while Iftikhar sab has done lots of work in CPEC and he should continue till completion of all projects. the other candidates of PPP, PML-N, PTI, nobody knows their names in Peshawar and Islamabad. Please think for Chitral and remove your bias based on your qaumiat please.

  3. Dear Dr. Faizi and Shafqat, I am not recommending that Prince Taimur should be given PPP ticket – that is up to the PPP high ups. You and I can not decide for that. I am opposing calling a Chitrali as “alien” which is legally and ethically incorrect. Neither the land nor the palace in Droshp, Garam Chashma are dead. Prince Taimur has an active social life, though limited, in his local area. I am asking you one question to help me understand who is more “Chitrali” than others…, “were Begum Nusrat Bhuttto and Pyar Ali Alana, born in Chitral? Did they live in Chitral longer than Prince Taimur did? Did they knew Chitral and its problems more than Prince Taimur would do? Why were they given the National Assembly ticket for contesting election in Chitral? And nobody called them “alien”- In fact, Begum Nusrat Bhutto won the election and then threw away the seat…

    1. Nusrat Bhutto and Pyar Ali Alana were far better than a Chitrali alien. A local alien could be more dangerous. His sole purpose will be to protect his vested interest. Begum Suleman also remained MPA and even served member of PPP’s CEC, and had close relations with Beanzir Bhutto. But what she did for Chitral is privy to us all. Now after his retirement the Chitrali gentleman talks of leading a nation with which he has no connection, no interaction. The guy from Charun must be trying to use his Dera Ismail Khan connection through Faisal Karim Kundi. The need of the hour is that these strangers whether local or outside should be taken to task instead of being facilitated.

  4. Dear Sher Gulab sb !Pl educate us sbout the connection of Prince Taimur with Chitral except for he dead land and dead fort. Did he meet anybody from Chitral during his Govt Job ? We salute Sardar Ali Sardar Aman,Rahmat Ghazi,and Fazlur Rehman Lala for their connection and contribution. They remained in touch with Chitrali community whereever they were posted.

  5. Dear Sher Gulab Khan, what else is called alien if not a guy who has been living outside Chitral all along. He spent his youth in Islamabad and other major cities quite comfortably during his service. After his retirement he seldom visits his centuries old castle, which does not mean he knows the problems faced by Chitralis. What he has done for the people of Chitral when he was serving as a senior bureucrat. And the answer is is: 0/0. If holding lands is the prequsite to to be a genitive candidate for representing Chitralis there are so many others in Chitral who possess more land. If he gets a ticket then Chitral ke logon meri bath yaad rakhna: Soro dosi Chew sera nishi kerimi. So be very careful of these kind of people who are moving from pillar to post to get ticket as the party has already invited applications.

  6. The second choice with PPP has completly new faces. Salim khan is creating sectarian problem and ppp leadership should know. Fazil Rabi for MNA and Ghulam mohammad for the MPA. This is the time for the ppp leadership and workers to build a strong wall for ppp. other gruoups will try to devide ppp like they did before. But this time local ppp workers should respect party,s decision.

  7. It’s not a matter of outsiders or less credit. He has a good relationship with the PPP,s leadership and he is prince belongs to a a Royal family.These people know how to role and how to run the country.he deserve to get ticket.If not after PPP wining he be a MNA and minister.so two personalities from the Royal family will be in the parliament.

  8. S.Jawad Ali Shah is genuine political worker of Chitral.Shahzada Taimur Khisrow is an outsider.We should not encourage thouse who are allian to our land,culture and people.

    1. It is strange to hear this from a man like Faizi sahib. We have become fed up of Sardar Hussain and Co, but you are advocating for a guy who has no contribution except being the son of a former MPA who managed to reach the power corridor thru sheer luck.

    2. Dr Faizi may be confusing Prince Taimur Khisrow with somebody else. Otherwise he would not call him alien because prince Taimur is from Garam Chashma and he owns the palace and other properties in Droshp, Garam Chashma. Just because he works outside Chitral (like many others do), he cannot be alien to chitral. He is very active part of the local community in Garam Chashma.

  9. It is strange rather unfortunate these unknown guys are PPP ticket aspirants for next election. We got to know thru media some unknown names looking for tickets. And it clearly shows PPP Chitral is divided. Within a short span of two days we heard some names which are not known to anyone. Some claim of getting votes in the names of biradri which is very unlikely rather next to impossible while some are hopeful that his father used to be an MPA. Come on dear in which fantasy you have been living in. The dynamics of local politics have changed. The days are gone when thekadar, dukandar, numberdar etc used to get votes. The future of status quo is gone. Those overconfident to clinch votes in the name of biradari are groping in the dark. No one is gonna vote for you unless you meet the required qualification. If the qualification for getting a ticket had been biradari of a handful people, sects or anything on which you rely on, Katoor dynasty could have been rulers even today. With the retirement of Prince Muhiuddin, the dynamics of the politics is changed. Again I would say those building castles in the air must not waste their time, their energy, their resources as the future of Chitral politics does not belong to you. It is a matter of few years or even soon, these so called status guys who have been exploiting people in the name of biradari, religion, family, rerah, chapoti, peshuruk, tehtu, tamater, etc. will be completely wiped out. The young educated youth will take over as we have become fed up of these retired contractors, headmasters, baboos, and under matric sons of the failed past politicians.

  10. If Ghafoor Shah had anything in his credit about development of Chitral his son will be awarded ticket. If not (to be more precise he had done nothing) his son does not deserve any ticket. Even then if he manages to get a ticket in one way or another it is a writing on the wall that the PPP which is already on the reverse gear, and may shrink further in days to come, it will be wiped out completely before the award of the ticket to the guy in question. To be more precise, let me say loud and clear: zamant zabt ho jayegi. So think before considering anybody who could be disastrous for the party.

    1. Shafqat sab Mr jawad is not only son of former MNA And MPA from chitral,but he is also a known political worker as well a social worker and famous across chitral. He belong to a big family of chitral. If any party consider him for ticket he can upset.he can really represent the youths.

  11. In my humble assessment, PPP and PMLN have no chance to win any seat in Chitral. The actual completion will be between PTI and the possible alliance of religio-Political parties. If Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf’s APML actively participates in the election, it will also give tough competition to PTI and the religious party alliance.

  12. Innocent question is to know whether there is no one to contest election if there is no prefix” shahzada”?

  13. shahzada Tanveer Khisraw for National assembly and Syed Jawad Ali shah son of Syed Ghafoor shah from upper chitral for the provisional assembly are the best and appropriate candidates for the next election. please stop the old old representatives.
    Both are new faces and people of chitral have respect for them.

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