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A repenting drug peddler

A repenting drug peddlerCHITRAL: While the police have tightened the noose around drug peddlers and sending them to jails outside Chitral, this young man involved in the illegal narcotics business thought it safe to repent and save himself from the clutches of the law.

Manzoor Ahmed from Hon in Chitral told people during Friday prayers at Shahi Masjid in front of Khateeb Maulana Israr Uddin that due to bad company he had become an addict and started selling drugs as a source of livelihood.

Now he has decided to begin a new life by stopping the illegal business and working to earn bread and butter for his family. But it is not clear if a person involved in any illegal activity can escape punishment after even giving an undertaking not to repeat the crime.

And under the law can such a case be a precedent for those who have been arrested by the police for a similar offence.

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    Shapiro phost nimexheni no boi kyawat di.

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