Power supply from Golen Gol to remain suspended

CHITRAL: The unit one of the Golen Gol hydro power station at Koghuzi, which is now running on a partial basis and supplying electricity to Chitral town and other areas, will remain closed for a week from 8am on April 15.

The chief engineer/project director of the Golen Gol hydro power project has issued the shutdown notice and said the closure was being made to carry out  dry testing of units 2 and 3. During the shutdown, power will be supplied to Chitral from PESCO’s 66kv grin station in Upper Dir through the PESCO network.

The residents of Golen and Bubaka are informed to keep their children and pets away from the nullah to avoid any mishap due to possible high flow for about three hours after starting the operation.

The unit one (36 megawatt) of the 108 megawatt Golen Gol power station was inaugurated by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Feb 4, 2018. The units one and two (36 megawatt each) are set to be made operational in May and July this year.


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