Garam Chashma road repaired by locals damaged again

GARAM CHASHMA: Commuters on the Chitral-Parabeg (Garam Chashma) road have called upon the authorities concerned to take notice of the lack of maintenance due to which the road is being damaged.

In a letter to the local administration and the area police, the commuters including the union of taxi drivers said that before the visit of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan in Dec last year, the people of Parabeg and other villages had repaired the road on a self-help basis. The local people took the initiative as the government failed to repair and maintain the road for years.

Now a few months after the repair work was carried out by the local citizens, the road has again started wearing away mainly due to the flooding in the nullahs along the road and carelessness of those who have agriculture land along the road.

The complainants said that with the start o the spring season people living along the road have started taking irrigation water across the road which is washing away the soil which was used to fill potholes and ditches on the road. The complainant said that the authorities concerned, including the police, should warn the farmers not to take water from nullahs to their agricultural land using the road.

It may be noted that roads linking a number of sub-valleys across Chitral have not been reconstructed for decades due to which they have developed ditches and potholes causing not only inconvenience to the commuters but also fatal accidents.

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