LPG supply through pipelines to Chitral from next month: MNA

CHITRAL: MNA Shahzada lftikharuddin has claimed that provision of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) through pipelines to the residents of Chitral will start next month as the federal government has released funds for purchase of land for setting up gas plants.

Talking to mediapersons on telephone from Islamabad on Tuesday, he said purchase of land for the gas plants was one of the hurdles for want of funds but now with the provision of much-needed money the plants and machinery would be brought to Chitral from Rawalpindi within two to three weeks.

The MNA said officials of Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited had already visited Chitral to select the land for the project.

Highlighting the importance of the LPG project, he said over 15,000 households would get LPG through pipelines with the commissioning of the project at the same rate which a consumer of SNGPL got in Peshawar.

He said as directed by former prime minister Nawaz Sharif it had been decided to provide 67 per cent subsidy to the consumers, enabling them to save a large amount spent on buying fuel wood every year.

  • He said the prime minister would visit Chitral to inaugurate the project.–Dawn

2 Replies to “LPG supply through pipelines to Chitral from next month: MNA”

  1. We cannot supply water through pipelines efficiently. There are pipe bursts and leakages everywhere. Even telephone service through lines are defective and most voice efficiency is wasted on the way. How can a sensitive commodity like gas be supplied through pipeline in Chitral without disruption specially when houses are located far apart and there is no town planning. This is an impractical project to begin with. The LPG should be supplied in cylinders from the depots at concessional price. That is more than enough.

  2. It really sounds good to hear, but no one knows the next month,, when to come?? if i am not mistaken it will be May 2019. they claim, claim and only hollow claim. Yes we have seen it in case of LAWARI TUNNEL.. But the bright aspect is it will help our people a lot
    DAir aay drust aaye.

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