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Masood ul Mulk honored with presidential award

Among the recipients of the civilian award also included Chitral’s former deputy commissioner Osama Ahmad Waraich, who lost his life in the Dec 7, 2016, air crash while coming to Islamabad near Havelian. President Mamnoon Hussain will formally hand over the awards to the recipients in different fields at a special investiture on March 23. Shahzada Masood has served in the development field for over 20 years. While serving as the Regional Programme Manager for the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) in Chitral his developmental work for the area manifested in social organization, women’s development, natural resource management, physical infrastructure development, human resource development, enterprise promotion, and provision of credit and savings services. He also introduced a micro-hydro power system that supplied electricity to about 175,000 people in over 110 villages, and won the organisation an Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy (2004). Since 2001, Shahzada Masood has been leading the SRSP.]]>

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  1. Mr. baig says

    Congratulations to Shahzada Masood sb and his family. keep it up

  2. Dr-khalil says

    chetraro 2 Mwatto oyona bishlio, oyana 5 bishligaran, broza bisli garo, mroya bishli garo, reshuna boshli garo mroya bishligaro lapata beko luwar Mamoon Hussain kia khabar nachar.

  3. Nizar Ali Shah says

    of course his contribution is tremendous in the development of chitral.For the first time in Chitral micro hydels were initiated with the support of the local communities when Shahzada Masood was Chief of the AKRSP Programn in Chitral. Those micro hydels are still working in the respective villages. We expect that as CEO of SRSP he will bring even greater positive changes in the overall development of KPK related to community particiaptory work.

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