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A dire need of political platform for Chitral

By Sadiq Ullah Khail Why we, Chitralis, are not given our legitimate rights in every sphere of life? Why we leg behind in the race of progress despite being an educated nation? Why our identity is not visible at national level? Why our geo-strategic location is not considered worth importance? Such questions arise in the mind of very individual belong to the “Land of peace” and tease the person like salt upon injuries. Different schools of thought attempt these questions differently. Some people believe that behind our deplorable condition lay our leadership, our politicians, because they are not confident enough to put of the substantial garb from the issues and make them naked, verbally, in the assemblies(national and provincial) in order to settle them down rationally. However, other people have this view that our politicians are not veterans and they are immature players of the game of politics, therefore they are unable to serve our purposes. But the fact is that neither our politicians are coward nor they are immature players rather they have no single ground to demonstrate their political calibers. By single ground I mean to say, in Chitral there is no party of our own (Chitrali-origin political party) to represent our identity as well as fight for our case at the national level. Due to this great missing, the political system of the whole valley is being ruined. The regional wings of different political parties are acting as destructive forces for the security of our regional interest. These wings sow the seeds of disunity and bickering among our people as well as our leadership. Instead of living on the mercies of these wings, we should have our own political ground. We need a party that should be an asylum to all the politicians of the region where they can practice their political insight and skill for the progress of our people. The party should be staunch adherent to “The one Chitrali” ideology and should be free of sectarian and ethnic short-sightedness and extremism. The party should be the voice of every Chitrali’s heart regardless of age, gender, religion, cast and financial standing. Along with being recognition to Chitral, that should be a learning platform for our young leadership and should impart equal political career to our youth on the basis of political insight not on wealth and cast. Forming a political party is not a conspiracy against the state rather it is a legal pathway to demand for ones permissible rights. The political party also serves as a unifying force to bind the people of a particular region together under a single dogma. If we look back towards history, we see that the creation of Pakistan was impossible unless and until Muslim League was not formed and the day Muslim League was formed, Muslims of the subcontinent got an identity of being a separate nation as well as they found their voices to be heard in the court of cruel authorities. Similarly by making political party we will be successful in the extraction of our due rights. As far as our rights are concerned we are treated the way a step mother treats her step children. Chronologically, in health sector we don’t have good hospitals with sufficient beds, doctors and diagnosing apparatus, consequently our people have to travel long distances in the state of illness and some dies on the way without reaching the destination. In the sector of education we again confront with the same problems. Despite having great passion for education we have no sufficient educational institutes. We have no professional colleges like medical college, engineering college, law collage etc. In the sphere of economy our condition is dead deplorable. In sport we are considered rustic and clumsy. Despite our huge talent in sports we have no sport representation at national level either in provincial level, even in PSL there is player from Chitral. Similarly, there are many sectors in which our rights are being strangled. As long as we would have our own political party we shall be benefited in different spheres of life, such as politics, education, health, economy, sports etc, otherwise blaming, weeping and tears will be our destiny.]]>

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