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PPP Upper Chitral workers criticize party's district leadership

The meeting was chaired by founding worker of the PPP Upper Chitral Shahab Uddin. It was convened to discuss the lack of interest by the PPP’s district leadershp in the affairs of the party, said a statement issued by Mr Shahab Uddin. The speakers on the occasion openly criticized the leadership of the district chapter saying due to their policies the party was not only losing support but the citizens were also losing confidence in it. They said that when the office-bearers were being named at the district level, the workers of Upper Chitral had openly expressed their reservations but they were not given any weightage. They said that the workers always tried their best to get the PPP strengthened in the area but the policies of the district leadership went against it. The participants of the meeting demanded that the leadership of the party while allocating tickets for the forthcoming elections should take the workers on board before finalizing the names. They said that if the party distributed the tickets after taking the workers into confidence, they would be trying their level best to get them elected otherwise it would be disastrous for the PPP. The participants at the end of the meeting expressed their full confidence in the provincial as well as central leadership of the PPP.]]>

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