Contractor happy over JUI leader's defeat in Senate poll

Nasir Ahmad Khan filed an `objection petition` with a tribunal headed by Peshawar High Court Justice Mussarat Hilali on Feb 16 against the candidature of Maulana Naseeb, which was rejected. On Sunday, Mr Khan told reporters in Chitral that he was not against JUI but against alleged corruption by its leader Maulana Naseeb. He alleged that Maulana Naseeb was involved in misappropriation of government funds in his previous Senate tenure. He claimed that Maulana Naseeb had utilized his developmental funds through his brother, Zar Naseeb Khan, in connivance with PWD office in Batkhela through his (Nasir’s) fake signatures. He said it was heartening that the Senate of Pakistan had got rid of people such as Maulana Naseeb.]]>

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