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Chitral river becoming dumping ground for all and sundry

ChiralToday correspondent showed that butchers, poultry dealers, auto workshop owners, vegetable vendors and others openly dump their waste into the water and even local residents use the river as a convenient place to dispose of their household garbage into the river. Carcasses of dead animals were also seen lying along the river, sending out foul smell and polluting the river. Some locals said the TMA Chitral had around 100 employees but they were never seen at work and instead carried on their own businesses or drew salaries sitting at homes. –GH Farooqui garbage dumped into chitral river chitral river full of garbage. animal carcass thrown into chitral river.  ]]>

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  1. Shah Karez says

    Thank you Farouqi and Chitral Today for this well deserved report.

  2. Mr. Baig says

    Thank you Chitral Today. Excellent job keep it up.

  3. Siraj Ulmulk says

    Thank you Chitral Today and GH Farouqi for highlighting something which is so important for the health of the people of our district . I remember that not long ago we used to drink the water of this river. I am sure that even now a segment of our population has no choice but to drink the water of this river. This news must not be taken lightly by our authorities.

  4. Muhammad Afzal says

    Well reported Farooqi sahib. The TMA is one of the most corrupt department in Chitral. The Deputy Commissioner who is an honest and efficient administrator should pay a surprise visit to the TMA office and take a role call of the employees paid by TMA. He will be shocked. His staff must not know or they will warn the TMA in advance. if the TMA works efficiently and honestly, half of the problems of Chitral city will stand resolved automatically.

  5. Esa Ahmad says

    On July 30, 2017 I was coming from my native village Terich the passengers were foreigners except few Chitralis. On the way they bought pepsi for themselves and juices for us. meanwhile one of a foreign woman among the passengers who was the leader of the group stood up on her seat and cried “nonsense nonsense be patriotic to ur country love your country”. When I asked what happened she said, “are you blind? I have two boxes with full of rubbish carry to Islamabad where I will destroy it in a safe way. I could fuck it in 22 camp but didn’t.. I astonished and no voice in my mouth except sorry. We are uneducated unpatriotic and careless.we smoke and threw the filter and packet on the open road.threw the rubbish of our home on the street.everyone is responsible to pollute of environment one way or the other.the govt can not train each and every citizen but ensure to provide dustbin specially for public places near play grounds etc.

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