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PTI Upper Chitral names its own office-bearers

BOONI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Upper Chitral named new office-bearers at a meeting here on Monday.

The names of the new official and their designations are as follow:
Rehmat Ghazi Khan, president; Ghulam Mustafa Advocate, general secretary; Muhammad Rasool, president, and Sultan Faraz general secretary, Mastuj, and Habib Sarwar, president and Sher Faraz, genera secretary Mulkhow.
Speaking at the meeting, Rehmat Ghazi, Shahzada Skendarul Mulk and Sardar Hakim said that a notification to create the new district of Upper Chitral had already been issued by the KP government.
They aid at a meeting with the PTI officials from Chitral, the chief minister had also confirmed the creation of the new district and asked the party to select office-bearers for the new district.
However, some workers from Lower Chitral who attended the meeting were of the view that no progress had been made on the creation of the new district and it was still limited to the announcements made by the chief minister.
They said that until the new district start proper functioning, the old chapter of the PTI Chitral should remain intact and there was no haste in selecting office-bearers for the yet-to-be created district of Upper Chitral.
But the reservation of the workers from Lower Chitral were not taken seriously and the participants from Upper Chitral said they were just guests and had come to the meeting as observers.—Muhkam Uddin


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