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Upper Chitral & Koh protesters to stage sit-in at Golen Gol

CHARUN: Participants of a protest meeting held in Charun today under Tehreek Huqooq e Awam decided to march towards Golen Gol on Feb 2 if Upper Chitral and Koh were not provided electricity by then.
The representatives of people from Koh – from Ragh to Barenis – said they had already rejected an offer for the supply of power from a two megawatt powerhouse built in Golen area by an NGO.
They said like Chitral and Drosh towns the Koh area along with Upper Chitral should be provided power from the 108 megawatt Golen Gol power station.
The participants said since the destruction of the Reshun powerhouse by floods in 2015 Upper Chitral and Koh area had been without power. Now when there is a surplus electricity available after Golen Gol powerhouse started functioning, the KP power utility organization, PEDO, was following delaying tactics in providing electricity to the area.
They said if the government provided power to Upper Chitral and Koh by Feb 2, the participants of the protest would thank the authorities and return otherwise they would stage a sit-in at Golen Gol till the fulfillment of their genuine demand.
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