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I no longer want to be a part of this country

Kasur. I couldn’t control my emotions, my temper and patience and started sobbing for hours and hours. Then, with my tearful eyes, I started thinking how a person could dare to commit such a vicious crime, how a Muslim could raise his hand to smother a seven-year-old girl and how didn’t he even bother to think that he has to die too? However, then I realized that the culprit must be a beast, because a true Muslim could never ever do such a sordid and contemptible crime. Zainab, a seven-year-old minor girl was abducted in Kasur, tortured and choked to death after being sexually molested. Her body was found under the pile of garbage a few days after she went missing. Her tragic death triggered violent demonstrations across the country. Residents flooded into the streets demanding prompt arrest of the culprit. However, the sluggish police department of Punjab badly failed to counter the incident while the fugitive beast still roaming fearlessly Irony is that rather than gathering on one table our detached and apathetic politicians are still slinging mire at each other to get popularity and political win on alleys and are playing politics over the dead bodies of our children. Shame!

Zainab’s incident is not a new case, hundreds even thousands of innocent kids have been assaulted and harassed for years. Our governments, human rights organizations, crime preventive mechanism, social protection mechanism and other concerned departments have failed to preserve and protect the honor of our children in the dirty hands of beasts on this holy land – Pakistan.
  According to National Commission on Human Rights (NCHR) report, by 2015, 451 incidents of child abuse occurred in Kasur while in 2016 a total of 141 cases of child abuses were recorded from Kasur. In 2017, an NGO revealed that a total of 129 cases of child assault were reported from Kasur alone. Among other social issues and cases, child abuse is one of the major leading issues of the time. To find out the causes of harassment is troublesome in light of the fact that it’s somewhat mind boggling issue than others. Notwithstanding, misinterpretation of Islam, absence of awareness, carelessness and negligence of parents, ignorance, strong sexual desire, aimlessly and blindly trust on others and unemployment would be the main causes of this egregious and heinous crime. It is the need of hour that government should take it genuine and makes strict and proper laws to annihilate this menace. Sex education ought to be made compulsory in schools, child advocacy and youth counseling programs must be organized everywhere to spread awareness about sexual abuse among children and youth denizens and parents should give lessons about sex and impacts of harassment to their children. So that if a person found liable and guilty he should be hanged to death publicly to make a model for others. But irony is that, we as a Muslim and Pakistani have lost our humanity, dignity and our respect for women. We have lost our fame in front of whole world. We have no sense of humor. We have becomes butcher and beasts. Our so-called politicians have left no ground for us to expect from them anymore. Succinctly, after examining all the ongoing disgusting situations and political dirtiness I came to the conclusion that there is no second choice to gain inner peace except leaving this country. So, I do want to leave this country and I don’t wanna dwell in it anymore.]]>
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