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Words of youth

By Suraya Afzal As it will not be an exaggeration when we utter the praise of words of great philosopher, dreamer of Pakistan and our great poet of the east that he compares youth with ‘’Shaheen’. It seems how Iqbal has a great love and respect for the youth and calls them as the future builder of the nation. It is well known from history of great nations who are now leading the world that they always respected their youth. Those nations always get developed that take keen observation in the activities of their youth and also take interest to handle their challenges. Our youth are blessed with lots of hidden potential in all aspects of life ranking from academic to co-curricular activities. They are blessed with potentials but their talents need a platform where they can nourish and polish their potentials. They need a source of courage and respect of love, and also need a lamp of hope to brighten their path to touch the zenith of skies and to embrace highness in their life. All these come from our society and from our behaviour and our psychology how we respect our youth, our coming generation, our future builder and our leaders. How we are playing our role in this regard all these are the point of action to be discussed and to think over and to implement in our life. Man being a social animal passed through different stages of life from stone age of darkness to the age of modernism. But still there are factors due to which we haven’t been enlightened. These factors ill our society and make it still lay in the bed of darkness. There are lots of bad news to be heard day by day about murder cases, about sucide, elopement, early marriages, honour killings, kidnapping, rape and so many other issues in our society. Why are these happening…why there is no law to check these ills, no solution to be seen……………why our future builders (children) are being harassed day by day. Being in the era of enlightenment still we are reacting as we are in the stone age. Most of these immoral activities disturbing our society, disturbing psychology of little children’s and youth to inhale a breath of freedom in this land. A nice saying for great Milton:

‘O’h! Milton, where are you? This land has need of you Come and gave the lesson Of peace, of love, of morality Thou this land now needs you

As far as these obstacles are concerned we have to think over it and we have to play our role to be constructive member our society for our youth and to show our optimistic thoughts by our action regarding our youth to make them our future leader and to care, respect and show them the path of highness by polishing their hidden potentials so that we be able to have productive member of society and good active society members leads towards highness towards good nation, as today child is tomorrow’s builder.]]>
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