Khow people: would you like its recognition?

Khow people and culture to be recognised across the world and for your athletes to be able to compete at the international level under your own flag with other cultural and ethnic minorities and underrepresented communities such as the Tibetans, the Kurds, the Faroese and traditional African kingdoms like the Bamoun? Would you like Khow people to be recognized?If so, please consider joining CONIA, the Confederation of Independent Athletics (a Dutch non-profit foundation) which organises: – World and Continental Unity Games – Programmes and events to showcase your culture and society – Programmes and events to create opportunities in community investment, tourism and trade – Training and development programmes for athletes and your community sports association – Fair representation of top athletes – A global online and real-life network of athletes Membership and participation in CONIA’s activities are free of charge. For the time being, CONIA is focussed on track and field athletics, but other sports will be added in the future. Our sister organisation CONIFA is focussed on football. If you already have a Chitral/Khow sports association we would welcome the chance to discuss them joining CONIA; if not, we would appreciate it if you could work with us, or connect us with people, to establish a Chitral/Khow sports association. For more information, please consult the attached member summary and of course I am available to respond to any questions or comments. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards   Erik van der Schaft CONIA President.]]>

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  1. Very good initiative by CONIA. Infact chitral has great potential in football. Also we have very good Polo talent which has never been recognized at country level. We will be contacting you soon. Thanks for coming to us.

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