Intellectual dishonesty

By Muhammad Ishfaq
Deceitfulness, deception or falseness in someone’s character are synonymous to dishonesty. It is the root cause of every problem from terrorism to suicide and from nepotism to corruption in our society.
We have become so much used to it that it seems normal to be dishonest and say that anybody would do the same. This is not our fault because from childhood we have been trained in a way that has sown the seed of dishonesty inside us which is growing day by day.
We are living in a stereotype society where creativity and intellect is measured on the basis of marks, and marks are judged by comparing with that of others. On the day when a child is born it is decided that if it is a girl then she should be a doctor and if it is a boy then he must be an engineer if she is from a wealthy and educated society. During growth when a child is eager to learn and leaves no stone unturned they are given directions and rules to follow. Children are scolded on asking questions or doing something wrong. Due to fear of their parents and society, children start to act like robots and at the age of enjoying life they are stuck between schooling, tuition and library. Some children are slow learner, it becomes difficult for them to understand each and everything quickly. So such children use alternatives to compete with their fellows such as cheating etc. Later, they become addicted to it and instead of working hard chose the second path. There are some societies where girls are not allowed to go to school but rather stay at home and work for their family. These societies create inferior and superior concepts in children.
Some parents compare their own children to other children which affect them mentally. Children are taught to compete with one another rather than to polish their own skills and stand out in their own field of interest. They are forced to do what is common and renowned in society.
Their interests and skills are buried under the will of their parents or the norms of society. It is also taught to them that with money you can survive in this cruel world. Some children try to defend their own will but at the end they give up. They forget their own goals, their creativity become rusted and they try their level best to compete with the world. They try to do everything to satisfy the world. Their thinking capacity is blurred and they stop to differentiate what is good and what is bad. From there starts intellectual dishonesty which stick to them throughout their lives. The seed of intellectual dishonesty which is sown deep inside them is feed by society and its people.
Everyone likes to comfort oneself and earn money without doing hard work. This is only possible when one is involved in wrong doings. Those people who are intellectually dishonest they do not consider anything wrong and satisfy themselves that I am doing what everyone else is doing. Slowly and gradually they get involved in corruption to earn large amount of money at a time. Same is the case with anybody else. In this way our society is going in a wrong direction and our economy fails.
Everyone is involved in encouraging corruption directly or indirectly. To eradicate corruption from roots and save our society we all have to play our roles. From the beginning we have to train our children to be honest with oneself and with everybody else. Through this we can save our economy as well as the country.
(The writer is student of BS economics at the University of Peshawar).

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