Before action against owners, govt should punish smugglers and sellers of cut vehicles


PESHAWAR: Without probing how non-customs paid cut vehicles were sold to people of Malakand Division, any government move against the owners would be resisted.
This was stated by former MNA and Jamaat-i-Islami (JI) leader Maulana Abdul Akbar in a press statement issued here on Sunday.
He said for years, poor people had been using NCP vehicles as taxis to earn a living. He said at a later stage it dawn upon the owners that hundreds of NCP vehicles were smuggled into the province in pieces and then welded again before selling them to the residents.
It is humanly not possible for an ordinary buyer to check if the body of a vehicle has been cut and then welded. The government remained oblivious to the issue and all of a sudden is now going to launch a crackdown against the owners of cut vehicles.
He said it was the responsibility of the government to probe how these vehicles were smuggled into the province in pieces and where they were welded before dumping into the market.
Maulana Chitrali said it was the responsibility of the government to take action against the elements who smuggled the vehicles in pieces and cheated the citizens.
He said the government should issue registration numbers to all such vehicles otherwise his party and the transport unions in Malakand Division would launch a protest campaign against the one-sided action.
He said it was an injustice to take action against the owners without punishing those who deceitfully sold such vehicles to the people of the area. In order to conceal its own inefficiency, the government is now trying to put pressure on the poor people which would not be tolerated, he warned.

  1. Shahid says

    A cut vehicle is as bad or as good as an uncut vehicle when both are in the smuggled category. Whoever has thought of this nonsensical categorisation should be asked about the logic.

  2. Javed Karim says

    Maulana sahib has a point. govt agencies have been looting owners of ncp vehicles in Chitral. why they are never registered permanently. now without connivance of govt officials no one could smuggle a vehicle intact or in pieces after cutting it. action should be taken against those who sold cut vehicles to gullible Chitralis.

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