Dysfunctional excavator removed from hilly road

DROSH: Taking notice of a report published in ChitralToday on Dec 27, the deputy commissioner of Chitral, Irshad Sodhar, ordered the immediate removal of a dysfunctional excavator left in the middle of the road to the hilly Jinjiret sub-valley of lower Chitral for over two months. 

Area residents complained that a road repair contractor had left the excavator in the middle of the road at a very dangerous turn, creating problems for commuters and endangering their lives.

“Taking notice of the complaint regarding malfunctioning excavator in the middle of Jingerate Koh road, Deputy Commissioner Chitral Irshad Sodhar deputed Adl AC Chitral Gohar Ali and Riaz Ahmad SDO C&W Drosh to immediately remove the machinery from the site where it had become potential vulnerable to the commuters. The same has been moved to side. The road is now open and safe for all type of vehicles,” said the deputy commissioner office on Thursday.

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