PPP announces office-bearers for Chitral

PESHAWAR: The KP chapter of the PPP on Monday announced new office-bearers for Chitral. According to a notification issued by Faisal Karim Kundi, the provincial secretary general of the PPP, the names of the new office-bearers re as under:



PPP Office-bearers for Chitral. Sharif Hussain: senior vice president
Shmsur Rehman, senior vice president
Muhammad Wazir: vice president
Engineer Fazal Rabbi Jan: senior vice president
Shafqat Hussain Adv: vice president
Dr Yousuf Haroon: vice president
Mir Dula Jan Adv: vice president
Ghulam Mustafa Nazim: deputy general secretary
Abdul Razaq Torkhow: deputy information secretary
Sardar Hussain Booni: secretary sports and culture
Muhammad Nazir Ayun: secretary records and events
Afzal Aman: finance secretary and
Sahib Jan: office secretary.


Alamzeb Advocate, president, Samad Shah, general secretary; Khosh Mohamamd, information secretary; Bashir Ahmed, senior vice president; Panah Khan, senior vice president; Subhanuddin, vicepresident; Khlid Khan, vice president; Qari Abdul Amin, vice president; Amir Fayaz, vice president, Niyat Ali, vice president; Anwar Charvelo, deputy general secretary; Azad Mohammad Khan. joint secretary; Fahimullah Drosh, deputy information secretary; Ikramullah Jan Ayun, coordination secretary, and Rehmati Orghch, finance secretary.


President: Amirullah
General secretary: Hameed Jalal
Pervez Ahmed Lal: information secretary
Rehmat Wali Nazim: senior vice president
Sher Aziz Baig: senior vice president
Mustansir Uddin: vice president
Afzal Qubad: vice president
Nawab Khan Adv: vice president
Woor Muhammad: vice president
Israr Subedar: vice president
Saifuddin Adv: vice president
Wiqar Ali: deputy general secretary
Usman Khan: finance secretary
Qayum Shah: joint secretary
Karimulah: deputy information secretary and
Hassan Gul: coordination secretary.
The PPP also announced the names of its office-bearers for Lotkoh and Drosh chapters.

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