Lowari tunnel brings little relief to commuters

Tributes to all those who made Lowari Tunnel a reality

CHITRAL: People here paid tributes to all those who made whatever efforts they could individually to make the Lowari tunnel a reality.

It was a dream of all the people of Chitral to have an all-weather road to their area so that they could be saved from the humiliation and agony every winter.

Political struggle for the tunnel started when Atalegh Jaffar Ali Shah was the MNA Chitral during the PPP government of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Work was started in the mid-70s on the direction of the then prime minister but later it was abandoned.

The Chitrali people did not lose hope and continued their struggle till Pervez Musharraf ordered launch of work on the project in 2005.


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  1. the people of Chitral heaved a sigh of relief after years long hardships of travel across the lowary pass. The lowary tunnel will open the doors of progress and prosperity for chitral.

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