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Impact of working women on child socialization

By Suraya Afzal Aman

As it is a well known saying of Aristotle that: human beings are social animals. Like other creatures, humans also live in groups and have interactions with others in one way or the other in society. So for being social, social interaction or socialization is necessary.

Socialization generally means learning the game and playing it in society – to learn a game and after that playing it. Socialization process starts from birth and continues till death. When a newborn baby comes into the world he or she knows nothing about it. It’s the mother who first interacts with the baby. According to researchers, a baby even knows all activities while in the womb of the mother so the mother’s lap is called the first learning place for a child. Whatever happiness or emotions a mother handles and feels also affects the child’s grooming in the womb after that a child comes into the world of social interaction where different agents play their roles for socialization either formally or informally.

Family members also play an important role in socialization of a child, and this socialization makes the personality of a child. A person is known by company which he or she keeps, that’s the peer group who also have great role in child socialization either good way or mould into other way. Hence socialization is a whole life learning process which makes a child’s personality to be what kind of a citizen we want to be. In the initial stage, a child gets socialized from the parents but at later stages a child socializes their parents with due modernization and awareness as we glance towards our past most of the family members were enjoying joint family system having all family members in one house and enjoying all activities of life together and all play role in socialization of a child, especially when we recollect memories of grandfathers and grandmothers’ roles.
Thou due modernization and change in living conditions these join family system is going to be replaced by nuclear family system, so due to passage of time and zone both parents have to work outside to balance the wheel of economy and women have become so empowered that they are spending lots of their time in outdoor activities. Although a good change and best step but these working parents had bought a big gap in child socialization and these socialization effects child personality and these personalities either in good or bad manner and the personality of a child matters the citizen of a society.
Due to working women it had bought a big gap in parents child relation, leaving for jobs from dawn to dusk and to leave a child in the mercy of day care centers where a child grooming and socialization be in the hand of day care facilitator now it is in the mercy of day care facilitator that either to give time to all those children’s or not, that what type of socialization a child gains, and what type of environment a child is nourishing in early stage of life. It is the stage where a child needs ample time for socialization.
If a child in early stage of socialization could not be given enough time by parents that really effects the child socialization and which effect the personality so early stage of life in early game stage a child is to be given lots of keen observation by parents so that we be able to have good active citizen, because today’s youth are tomorrows leader.
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