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Racism and future of Chitral

By Sadiq Ullah Khail

Racism is a notion on the base of which people assess one’s superiority and other’s inferiority. It has four possible forms, individual racism, cultural racism, institutional racism and scientific racism.

Racism and future of Chitral. The notion of racism is as old as the creation of human being and it was occurred for the very first time when Almighty Allah put the soul into the corporal frame of Adam and ordered angels to prostrate before him (Adam). All of the angels complied with obedience but the one and only “Iblees” (Satan) rebuffed to accept the order of Almighty with the justification that he had been created from “Noor” (divine Light) and Adam from clay and this justification was the origin of racism.

Satan counted himself superior over Adam on the base of his race and did not prostrate before him, consequently, he was thrown away from the grace of Allah Almighty. With the evolution of human creed on earth and his voyage from savageness to civilization, the symptoms of racism became more visible. People started to discriminate among themselves on the bases of certain norms and values, like culture, color, social standing, etc.

For example, Greek, the most civilized nation of the ancient world, discriminated among other non-Greek nations and itself. The Greeks used the term “Barbarian” for non Greeks. This policy of racism led the Greek towards devastation. After Greeks the other European nations, like Great Britain, became more race conscious. The reason behind their such moral weakness was the theory of “Social Darwinism”.

They stared to judge people by their physical appearance, color and culture. According to them those who were white, were superior and black and brown were inferior and on the ground of such senseless believes they oppressed and subjugated people of black and brown color by snatching their territorial and cultural sovereignty and integrity. Due to this racist approach of European nations people got agonized with them and showed resistance against them which became milestone for their destruction. Today, if the most powerful state of the world, America, is answerable and losing its image before the world community just because of this scourge and if America fails to resolve this issue, obviously its end will be same as the predecessors.

The purpose of the above discussion is not to criticize the loopholes of the nations rather its purpose is to educate our people, with the help of these experiences, about the devastating effects of racism. Like other shortcomings, the individual racism is also getting momentum day by day in Chitral. Despite becoming highly educated, people are becoming more race and caste conscious. People are neglecting the ideology of being “One Chitrali” and the formation of different racist groups is on the pick. People (so-called Aristocrats) like to be called with their racist names. Those people who are excited in formation of these racist groups and rendering their hectic efforts in this regard are completely unaware about the long lasting disasters of this curse. They have no afar estimation that the horizon of Chitral can be clouded for ever due to such stands of theirs.

They only see their self- benefit in it which is, unfortunately, ephemeral or temporary. They believe that this racist policy will bring them honor, prestige like things, but they don’t know that they are actually providing fuel and air to a fire which will burn their self- interest along with peace and stability of the region, Chitral. The policy of racism is nothing but ruin and disaster. It leads to disunity and chaos among people therefore it should not be practiced as for as possible.

If this disease of racism will be left uncured, the future of Chitral is paralyzed. And if we need to maintain our positive image in the eyes of world community, let’s say no to racism and be stick to our old “One Chitrali” ideology and do our best to make it a “Land of Peace” and a “Heaven on Earth” in the true manner.

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  1. Baber khan says

    Nice peace of words dear,indeed it,s a type of Social evils and mutually we have to eradicate it for the prosperous of the region…

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