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Prince Karim Aga Khan’s visit to KP

Dear editor Chitral Today
Through your online I would like to lodge my complaint and protest against the KP govt and also the district govt of Chitral as well as the MNA, MPA and others.
Prince Karim Aga Khan during his 13-day-long ongoing visit to Pakistan on the invitation of the government of Pakistan in connection with his diamond jubilee reached Islamabad on Dec 7. As a state guest and having the status of the head of state, he was given red-carpet welcome as a protocol at the airport and at the President House.  
When he reached Gilgit, the chief minister of GB Hafiz Hafizur Rehman was at the airport to welcome him on a red carpet. Similarly, when the His Highness reached Karachi, both Governor Muhammad Zubair and Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah welcomed him at the airport. And everywhere the Aga Khan was presented bouquets. 
But it is highly disappointing and against the local culture of hospitality that the KP government failed to recognize the services of the Aga Khan and also to keep in mind the sentiment of the Ismaili community of Chitral and did not give the guest the due protocol he deserved. He should have been received at the airport by the chief minister or governor KP or at least a provincial minister.
It is also regrettable that the MNA and district nazim of Chitral did not bother to lay a red carpet at the helipad or present a bouquet to the dignitary. Compared to Chitral, the Aga Khan was received in a more proper way even in Droshp Garam Chashma by a private individual, Shahzada Taimoor Khisraw.
But here I would like to pay tributes to the Sunni community of Chitral, especially upper Chitral, for their communal harmony and contribution to make the visit of the Aga Khan a memorable event. The Ismailis will never forget your sense of brotherhood and tolerance and will always be paying it back to you. You people have won my hearts.
Nadir Khan
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