Peace of Chitral to be maintained at all cost, meeting decides after shutter-down

CHITRAL: After a shutter-down strike in the Chitral town, a meeting was held by traders, religious leaders and government officials in which the participants decided to maintain peace of Chitral at all costs.  

The shutter-down was observed on the call of Chitral tehsil nazim Maulana Muhammad Ilyas against the content that appeared on Facebook in the wake of the Dec 9 Chitral visit of Prince Karim Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the Ismaili Muslims.

All shops and hotels right from Ataligh Bazaar to Chew Bridge remained shut during the day. The meeting held at the DPO office was attended by Commandant Chitral Scouts Col Moin Uddin, DPO Sohail Aman, Additional Deputy Commissioner Minhas Uddin, AC Abdul Akram, District nazim Maghfirat Shah, Naib Nazim Maulana Abdul Shakoor, emir Jamat-e-Islami Chitral Maulana Jamshed Ahmed and JUI leader Maulana Hussain Ahmed.

After the meeting, the participants told local reporters that all those found involved in uploading the objectionable material in the social media would be proceeded against in accordance with the law of the country. But anyone trying to take the law into their own hands on the pretext of the social media content would not be allowed to spoil the peace of Chitral and would be dealt with in accordance with the law.

They said peace of Chitral would be maintained at all cost and no one would be allowed to spoil it on any pretext. They said the Ismaili community also held a meeting in Garam Chashma and condemned the uploading of irresponsible materials in the social media and demanded action against all those behind it without any discrimination.

Col Moin on the occasion said the people of Chitral, the district government, local administration and law enforcement agencies were four pillars on which the edifice of the area’s peace stood, the last three being responsible for maintaining peace and law and order.

He said instead of taking law into their own hands, the people of Chitral should trust and let the three (admin, district govt and law enforcers) to discharge their duties. He warned that anyone trying to violate the law and create hatred in society would be dealt with under the law of the law.–S. Nazir Hussain

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