55 schools in Chitral closed for low enrolment


CHITRAL: As many as 55 schools across Chitral have been closed for low enrollment, according to a document of the education department.

These schools were located in different villages of the valley. Local people said that most of the schools were closed as parents pulled out their children due to lack of facilities in these institutions.   

  1. Liaquat says

    Very sad to know all about the closure of schools in KPK including 55 in Chitral which is again strange and sad for all of us for now and more for future. I think that these schools must have been established on purely political basis for pleasing one or two families in the areas where these were not required at all. This is very much injustice with people of areas where schools are very much needed/required but not yet opened.

  2. M.zafaruddin says

    Fruit of change in kpk.especially in current chitral

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