SRSP constructs bridge to Didargah in Booni

The Didargah is being prepared on the west bank of the Yarkhun river near Booni while the main road from Mastuj side passes on the right bank of the river.

SRSP constructs bridge to Didargah in BooniThere was a need to construct a bridge over the river to facilitate the participants to reach the Didargah without taking a long detour via the main bridge in front of Booni.

The Ismaili community had already constructed a small bridge over the river but it would not be sufficient as about 50,000 people would have to cross the river to the Didargah side within two hours after parking their vehicles on the right side of the river on Dec 9 morning. So the SRSP constructed another bridge and opened it on Saturday.

When contacted by ChitralToday, SRSP Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Shahzada Masoodul Mulk said the bridge was constructed on his special directions to facilitate the Ismaili community. He said he had also directed the contractor and SRSP staff to expedite work on the construction of the 300 KV powerhouse at Dumadumi so it could also be inaugurated before the visit of the his highness to the area.

It may be mentioned that work on the project was started in early 2015 but due to different reasons it could not be completed. The powerhouse would provide electricity to Booni which has been without power since the Reshun powerhouse was damaged in the July 2015 floods.

An official of the SRSP told ChitralToday on phone from the site that Chinese and other technical workers were busy in finalizing the necessary work at the powerhouse so that it could be made functional even manually before the visit of the Aga Khan.

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  1. Thank you very much may Allah bless you for this noble cause not only Ismaili but this will benefit to all human who lives there may Allah bless you and give you courage to serve humanity and Pakistan,Ameen

  2. I think the work of the Aga Khan is appreciated by all regardless of their religious inclinations. This is the Pluralism that the Aga Khan has been expounding so much.

  3. Sincere efforts of SRSP CEO Shahzada Masood Ul Mulk sahib are highly appreciable. Thank you so much Shahzada sahib.

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