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Issueless couple from Sialkot entangled in legal issue in Chitral

CHITRAL: In a bid to adopt a newborn baby boy from Chitral, a couple from Sialkot got itself entangled in a legal issue as the relatives of the baby did not allow it to take him away.

According to sources, a man from Sialkot, who is settled in Abu Dhabi, befriended a resident of Chitral on a social media website and asked him for help in adopting a baby as he was issueless. The Chitrali man later approached a resident of Singore whose wife was expecting her seventh baby and persuaded him to give the child to the Sialkot couple.
The Singore family was told that they already had six children and if they got the seventh child they should give him to the issueless couple. The family from Sialkot would not only bring the child up in a better way but would also help the parents financially.
After the parents agreed, the Sialkot couple was informed about the expected date of birth of the baby. The couple then arrived in Chitral a few days before the delivery of the baby and got the woman admitted to a hospital where she gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday.
But as the couple was preparing to take the baby away, the relatives of the parents arrived in the hospital and did not allow them to take custody of the baby. It has been learnt that the husband of the Sialkot woman had left Chitral after leaving his wife to take custody of the baby.
It has also been learnt that the father of the baby changed his mind and was remorseful of his decision and fainted. He was later taken to hospital for treatment.
An official of the Child Protection Unit told ChitralToday that the baby was being handed over to the issueless couple for adoption by the parents but without following the legal course. He said under the law, the civil judge of the area had to be approached by both the parties.–Reporting by Muhkamuddin Ayuni
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