First Chitrali woman sub-engineer joins office

CHITRAL: First woman Chitral sub-engineer Shaista Naz has assumed work in Communication and Works (C&W) Department Chitral. She hails from Chinar village of Upper Chitral. Ms Naz says her appointment as the sub-engineer in the C&W department would encourage other young women to join different fields of life. She adds that there is no dearth of talent among the women of Chitral but the only need was to provide them opportunities and guidance. The credit for my success goes to the prayers of my parents and my own hard work, she maintains.]]>

6 Replies to “First Chitrali woman sub-engineer joins office”

  1. we are really sorry to read Dr.khalil comment…being a highly educated person this petty comment never suits him…..”if gold rusts what shall the poor iron do”..many time he comes up with logical comments…it is to clarify to dr sab that there is female reserved seat in the said dept where male graduate can not be hired…if not then get it confirmed by independent means..thanxx

  2. Agar aik khatoon apni taleem mukamal karnay ka bad Government ka qanoon or selection criteria ka mutabiq job hasil karti hai to rai denay walon ke peth main marool kyun uthti hai? Kis ne un beozgar engineer nowjawanon ko maqabilay ki imtihan me husa lenay or government job hasil karnay se rokh rakha hai? Male dominated society se taluq rakhne ke wajha se female ki kamyabi hum se hazm nehi hoti, or yeh koi anokhi baat nehi…

  3. If a female completes her education and as per government rules gets job on merit, why there is a pain in the abdomen of the commenters? Who prevents the qualified male graduate engineers to appear in competitive exam and get government job?

  4. There are hundreds of graduate engineers, who remain unemployed throughout life and reached to retirement age, and thousands of young graduate engineers out in the streets looking for jobs, why a lady carrying a diploma is supposed to be appointed in govt organisation. There are a number of sub-engineers in working with different NGOs in Chitral and graduate engineers are jobless, that is injustice and ruthless attitude of both govt and NGOs towards young Engineers of Chitral ..

  5. hish kia fakhro bash lu no. More women employment means more unemployment for men…which means social fabric upside down!

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