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  1. Syed Ali Akbar Shah is one of the finest soldiers the police force has ever produced. Chitral police has the pride to be commanded by an officer like Ali who was an emblem of courage, sagacity, honesty and discipline. There was hardly any minute facet in police administration which escaped notice and within a short span of one year, he transformed and reformed the force into a district unit which is, undoubtedly, unparalleled throughout the province. It is I who knows how he struggled for raising the number of police circles, police stations and police posts for the district in March this year when the former IGP Nasir Durrani was about to retire. Now when he made an exit, he left six circles against three, 18 police stations against 12 and 24 police check posts against 18. Chitral police and the people of Chitral will remember Ali for long time to come.

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