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CTS inaugurates services from bypass road

Shadman Zain
CHITRAL: “Miles of smile with safety and Comfort”. Mr Rehmat Ghafoor Baig, a well known social worker and vice president of Chitral Tours and Services (CTS) read aloud the above “motto” of CTS while presiding over the inaugural ceremony of its newly constructed stand that sits in the centre of bypass road near Goldoor Chowk Chitral.
He went on to elaborate and said the motto need not further explanation, since it itself was all embracing and self explanatory”. He added that this is not a mere rhetoric, but a clear reflection of the core values of the company which it keeps in high spirit. He enumerated the core values to be included among others are: to provide to its valuable customers a dignified; safe, hassle free, non discriminatory and affordable travel experience. RGB added that CTS is rather a first facility in Chitral being managed by the experienced and qualified team of the company and highly professional and competent staff has been engaged on merit.
As such, CTS wheels can be trusted to serve and transport passengers to or from Chitral with respect and safety. In this way CTS will also play its due role for the promotion of tourism in Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan in the long run, he stated.
While speaking on the occasion, Mr Naman Zainul Abidin, executive member of CTS, expressed his profound gratitude to all the participants. He was of the view that Chitral Tours and Services (CTS) was a newly established passenger Transport Company aspired to provide safe, respectful and timely services to travelers to or from Chitral. He informed the audience that CTS started its operation with meager resources from general bus stand back in September this year.
Initially, its direct services were available for Dir, Timergara and back to Chitral, through special arrangements at the affordable rates services are offered to Peshawar and Islamabad. However on Booking services are available for all parts of Chitral, Gilgit Baltistan and major and major cities of the country.
He explained that CTS own stand was now operational with a location easily accessible to the travelers, which could help in the dispensation of services in a better and innovative way. He was happy to share, those customers response so far was beyond expectation and based on their suggestions/ comments our service is being improved.
The participants lauded the steps taken by the CTS team and wished them better for their future endeavors. He added that in near future CTS is planning to extend its direct services to Peshawar, Islamabad and Gilgit Baltistan. The opening ceremony of the new terminal was attended by the large number of business community, drivers, and social workers, elected representatives of the town area and they lauded the CTS initiatives in all respect.
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