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Status of Afghan refugees discussed

CHITRAL; Society for Human Rights and Prisoners Aid (SHARP), with the collaboration of ICMC arranged a one-day consultation with district bar association Chitral.
The team leader in Chitral, Sajjad Ahmed, and project director Memoona Batool Khan discussed various government notifications regarding status of Afghan refugees and their legal status in the light of international law.
Mansoor Khan advocate discussed the human rights practice in Pakistan in the context of basic human rights, international laws and treaties and the role of state and other institutions.
The chief guest Ghiyas Gilani, discussed the international protection and status of Afghan refugees in Pakistan and highlighted PoR cards and PCM repatriation and VRC.
Representing the lawyers community, Rizwanullah advocate said that the consultation workshop was of prime importance for the practicing lawyers who came across issues of human rights on daily basis and it instilled in them a fresh spirit to safeguard the depressed and the marginalized people.
He said that Chitral had been the host of Afghan refugees from the very beginning of their influx in Pakistan last 1970s and there was a considerable strength of the refugees residing in the area waiting for the normalization of situation in their own country and the session had the special affect of brainstorming with regard to the refugees.–Bashir Hussain Azad
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