When she eloped

Perhaps her elopement is the worst decision she took in her parents eyes. Perhaps this truth of their daughter’s elopement has caused their spinal cord break, shed into silent tears with grief and disappointment and shame. A thousand questions may be wandering around his mental sky with that one news of her daughter elopement that no one has answered for.
On the other hand, the daughter who is newlywed to the guy she ran away with does not seem happy either. I am sure with one smile on her face she has this admiration of leaving her house accompanied by every family members with zeal and celebrations. I am sure something is eating her up inside. May be she is thinking to herself the decision she made isn’t the best choice or even if it is she really wished her choice was favored and that she would not have to elope.
There might be thousand reasons behind her elopement just unjust both. The question here should not be pointing fingers towards the girl and blaming her to bring you shame. The question here is why the society even provides conditions under which parents feel that marrying off their kids to another person not belonging to their school of thought would make society question their bravery. As if you happily agreed to weed your daughter off within a sunni or shia brotherhood or vice versa, your respect has gone to hell. Either agree with my choice to wedding or I elope but if both brings your masculinity down to the earth please pardon me I don’t want to take the responsibility of your respect on my shoulder over my choice which has no say.
Rakhshinda Shakir.

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  1. Agar hum neelay shesha waly ainak laga ka barastay hua aasman ti tarah dekhtay hai to aasman ka rang hamay neela nazar aata hai, Kya haqiaqt me aasman ka rang uswaqt neela hota nai? Istarah ham main se aksar stereotype/Tasub ka chasmay se chezon ko dekhnay or samajney ki koshish kartay hai, or kabi b un chezon ki haqiqat ka idrak nehi kar paatay. I agree with Dr. Khalil that neither the writer justifies elopement nor encourage other girls for envelopment. She just describes the condition and life of girls after elopement.

  2. I don’t think she has written something so bad, the parents must consider the choice of their children at the time of their marriage, and must not impose their like and dislike on their children. what is wrong with saying that it is beyond understanding. She is not encouraging Elop as far as I understood, she is of view that when the daughters escape from home with someone, she never feels happy, and wishes that if her parent were cooperative with her she would have never taken that step, both she and her parent would have been happy today. Good Shakira keep it up .. if it is you have taken such step be sure that was your fundamental right if you had informed your parents about your choice. It the right of parents to be informed about your wish and yes it is nice to listen to them.

  3. All societies undergo certain norms, values, and traditions, and the same goes in this case too. If society greatly puts matter of dignity on girls, daughters or wives shoulders but not compromising on their rights, then I do not think that expecting our daughters to come up to the expectations is not a bad idea. parents have aspirations from their daughters with a religious obligation too that they think better for their daughters based on their past, rich experience that who is going to be the life partner to their beloved daughter. A KHOWAR saying goes that Rishta kokar prushti naskarar lee geka pat dunelik. And relationships done with parents agreement have never gone wrong.

  4. Many of the parents ve decisive role to decide the future of their daughters in term of wedding..A daughter consent is rarely accommodated which leads to elopement.

  5. I didn’t know what the writer wanted to say. However, when read her name at the end, I realized that I wasted my two minutes on reading the rubbish. If you read her posts and thoughts on facebook, you will know she doesn’t realize what she writes.

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