Well done PTI local leadership

The holy Quran says: “God does not change the condition of the people unless they want to change their condition by themselves.”
It is the happiest and historical moments for us that the long-standing demand of Chitrali nation for the restoration of the district status of Mastuj is going to be fulfill by the PTI local and central leadership on November 7.
Thank PTI leadership of Chitral Mr Abdul Latif, Rehmat Ghazi, Abdul Wali Advocate, Shahzada Sikandar, MPA Fouzia Bibi and others for their great efforts and steps to make our dream come true and put Chitral on the right track towards resourceful and developed place for our children. No doubt the credit will go to PTI local leadership and this will be written in the golden words in the history of Chitral. You all are our heroes and we are proud of you.
Great minds always do great jobs to bring a positive and visible change in the lives of people.
Your actions and efforts will be remembered forever. Insha Allah the new district will be a blessing for our economic development, educational improvement, health advancement, tourism promotion, business and job opportunities. Available natural resources will be utilized in an efficient way to improve our quality of lives. If there is no challenge there will no life. So do not get worried about the expected challenges. We will try our best to convert them into opportunities because not failure but a low aim is a crime.
Now I am going to mention here a few merits of the new district:
1. New administrative setup will be created
2. New offices will be established
3. Separate budget will be allocated for the new district
4. New educational institutions will be set up to promote education 5. New hospitals will be established to provide medical facilities to the residents.
6. New sessions and civil courts will be set up to facilitate the people.
7. The current burden on educational institutions, hospitals and courts will reduce as a result people will easily be able to access to education, medical facilities and courts proceeding.
8. Employment and business opportunities will be available for young generation and
9. NGOs will come forward to take part in the development activities of new district.
Let us join to celebrate the success of PTI leadership together.
Dur Wali Khan

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  1. Division of Chitral into two districts is remarkable job by PTI govt which will never be forgotten by the people of Chitral in future. Excellent decision and the people who motivated provincial leadership for this decision are also did great service to the people of Chitral. It will create new era in the development of the area and new generation will get more opportunities to develop the district.

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